About Mathurin Realty

Ibn Mathurin the head of Mathurin Realty, is an incredible Atlanta Realtor who’s just the perfect professional to assist you in making the right choice in your purchase or sale of a home and property around metro-Atlanta, as he’s lived in the region for a staggering amount of 17 years and knows a lot about the city. In addition to being a realtor, he’s passionate about cars, fitness, food and properties.

Mathurin started out as a mechanic, a craft he immersed himself in for years. While working, he realized he derived pleasure in working with people, solving their problems and meeting their needs, and that was the turning point in his career. In the year 2016, he made a decision to channel that passion into real estate and has since achieved an excellent track record of helping people acquire their dream homes and properties in metro-Atlanta. His experience both as a resident within the region and as a realtor is something you can count on.

In terms of character, Mathurin is both honest and hardworking, qualities necessary for any good and dependable realtor, and he’s done so well as to infuse both qualities to his agency.

At Mathurin Realty, we tell sellers as it is, we never get carried away with how much we stand to gain from a sale, but endeavor to be straightforward in all our dealings with clients and customers. We are also a hardworking bunch who work tirelessly to sell each home and property delegated to us as though it is the most vital task of our lives.

Buying and selling properties can be quite a herculean task for buyer and seller, but with us you have nothing to worry about. At Mathurin Realty, we make it a point of duty to ensure that our clients feel happy and supported during the entire process. We do this by placing our clients and customers needs as top priority and adapting to those needs.

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