Jonesboro Housing Market Trend

There’s something to suit everyone in Jonesboro!

Jonesboro, Ga., known as the official home of Gone with the Wind, and is the county seat of Clayton County. Today, the rich Civil War history, beautiful landscapes and stately historic homes that informed and inspired author Margaret Mitchell, draws newcomers who along with the convenience of proximity to a major city (Atlanta) also seek the charm of small-town living.  Whether you call it home or just visit for the weekend, Jonesboro is always alive with activity. There’s something to suit everyone, from getting involved in the arts, to attending special events and learning about local history; to staying active at area parks and dining at independent restaurants.  As for dining, Jonesboro is only hairsbreadth away from a substantial list of restaurant choices in Atlanta, but they are not your only choices as even without driving to the city you can still find good food with a local flair within the Clayton County, too.  From Thai food and barbecue to one of the world’s largest farmers markets for stocking the kitchen with fresh from the farm food.

As for the Jonesboro housing market trend, if you are thinking of moving to Jonesboro, then now will be the right time.  As the average listing price in Jonesboro, this year is $70,240 (according to Trulia), a spectacular 34% increase – which represents a rising market, making it perfect for buyers who are looking to benefit from return on investments. Also, the inventory rose noticeably by 25% to 5 homes for sale (according to Trulia), thus creating a less competitive market for buyers who are looking to relocate here. One thing of importance here is that if you are planning on buying, selling or listing your home then you should only do it through a trustable property management company as it can help in reducing turnover, reducing threat of property damage, receiving timely rent payments, and creating future buyers.  The good thing about Jonesboro is its townhomes, which can be great choices for young couples or small families. It rids you of the responsibility of taking care of a yard, but you get more space than you would in a condo or apartment. If you are looking for a mini-home, then a townhome is what you should go for as it requires very low maintenance and comes at a very affordable price.

With a median household income of $31,387 (according to accompanied by its very low unemployment rate, makes Jonesboro a great place to work-in along with it being a great place to live-in. A thriving economy helps the tax base which means there’s more money for city improvements that can be spent on the city’s infrastructure etc. to help it attract and retain talent. The results can be seen in-terms of healthcare quality of Jonesboro, as it ranks 148 for health factors, 61 for health outcomes, and 132 for healthy behaviors in GA.