Melanoma Treatment Near Me - Combating Skin Cancer with Knotts Dermatology

Dec 1, 2023


Skin cancer, particularly melanoma, is one of the most concerning health issues nowadays. If you are searching for effective melanoma treatment options near you, look no further than Knotts Dermatology. We are a renowned beauty spa, medical spa, and dermatology clinic that specializes in providing advanced solutions for skin-related concerns.

Understanding Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops from the pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. It typically appears as a new mole or a change in an existing mole. If left untreated, melanoma can spread to other parts of the body and become life-threatening. Hence, early detection and prompt treatment are crucial.

Symptoms and Risk Factors

Recognizing the symptoms and risk factors of melanoma can significantly increase the chances of early detection. Some common symptoms include:

  • A new, unusual growth or change in an existing mole
  • Irregular border or uneven edges of a mole
  • Changes in color, size, or shape of a mole
  • Asymmetrical appearance of a mole
  • Itching, bleeding, or crusting of a mole

Various risk factors contribute to the development of melanoma, such as:

  • Prolonged exposure to UV radiation
  • History of sunburns or tanning bed use
  • Fair skin, light eyes, or red hair
  • Family history of melanoma
  • Personal history of skin cancer

Importance of Timely Treatment

When it comes to melanoma, early intervention is crucial. At Knotts Dermatology, our team of expert dermatologists understands the significance of timely treatment. Delaying treatment can lead to the spread of cancer cells, making it more difficult to address and increasing the risk of complications.

Range of Melanoma Treatment Options

Knotts Dermatology provides a comprehensive range of melanoma treatment options tailored to each individual's unique needs. Our highly skilled dermatologists are constantly updated with the latest advancements in the field, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized care.

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision involves removing the melanoma and a margin of healthy skin around it. This procedure aims to completely eradicate the cancerous cells and prevent their spread.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a highly specialized technique that offers the highest cure rates for non-melanoma skin cancers. This microscopically controlled surgery involves the systematic removal of cancerous cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.


Chemotherapy may be recommended in certain cases of melanoma to destroy cancer cells or control their growth. At Knotts Dermatology, our medical spas provide advanced chemotherapy treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.


Immunotherapy is a cutting-edge treatment option that enhances the body's immune system to fight against cancer cells. It can help improve the body's natural defenses and target melanoma cells specifically.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy utilizes medications that specifically target the genetic mutations or proteins present in melanoma cells. By blocking these specific molecules, targeted therapy effectively slows down or stops the growth of cancerous cells.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or other forms of radiation to destroy cancer cells. It can be utilized as a primary treatment option or in combination with surgery to ensure the thorough eradication of melanoma cells.

Post-Treatment Care and Prevention

After receiving melanoma treatment at Knotts Dermatology, it is essential to follow post-treatment care guidelines to aid in the healing process and reduce the risk of recurrence. Our dermatologists will provide you with personalized advice and recommendations.

Additionally, taking preventive measures is crucial to reduce the risk of melanoma development. Protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure, regularly applying sunscreen, and avoiding tanning beds are simple yet effective ways to minimize the risk.


Knotts Dermatology is your go-to destination for top-quality melanoma treatment in the beauty & spas, medical spas, and dermatology categories. Our team of skilled dermatologists and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that you receive the best possible care for combating skin cancer.

Contact Knotts Dermatology today and take control of your skin health. Remember, early detection and timely treatment are the key factors in successfully overcoming melanoma.

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